Loctite Super Attak Plastic

Kako popraviti plastično igračo?

Loctite Super Attak Plastic is posebej oblikovana formula za lepljenje plastike. Solze spremeni v smeh v nekaj sekundah. Super Attak Plastic lepi težko lepljivo plastiko, kot sta PE in PP. Hitro in natačno! Super Attak Plastic ima hiter lepilni sistem z dvojnim delovanjem, ki zlepi v nekaj sekundah. Je prozorne barve za nevidne spoje, več kot primeren za popravilo igrač, med tem, ko visoka moč formule poskrbi za dolgotrajno vzdržlivost spojev!

Follow our step by step application guide:

1. Ensure that the two surfaces to be joined are close fitting, clean and completely dry.


2. Apply the Surface Activator to both parts of the broken toy and wait 60 seconds for it to dry.
Take the glue and carefully squeeze a small drop onto one surface. Press the surfaces together immediately and hold firmly until set without moving the parts.

3. Don't worry if there is some excess glue, this can be easily removed once the glue has dried (see point 5).

4. Allow at least 1-2 hours to dry. For best results leave overnight before using.

5. Once dry, if there is any excess residue, gently scrape off with a knife or wipe with a tissue dipped in Loctite Glue Remover or nail varnish remover containing acetone.

6. Replace the cap immediately and store the glue upright in a cool dry place.

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